Unlocking The Guitar:
Success Stories

Every now and then I get these great little emails from people that have completed the Unlocking I IV V or Guitar Scale Patterns course, and they’re so encouraging that I thought I’d make a page on the website just for all these stories. Perhaps you’ll find them encouraging too, as you continue on your journey with the guitar!

Disclaimer: Any testimonials or success stories reflect actual results realized by individual players, and will not necessarily reflect your own experience with the course.

If you’d like your own experience included on this page, please contact me.

These Lessons Have Helped Thousands Of Guitar Players

These two guitar lessons have quite literally helped thousands of guitar players first understand their instrument better, and second, become better players as a result. Here are just a few of the emails that I’ve received:

I had a chance to review your lesson on the 1,4,5 theory and it was exactly what i was looking for. It was very informative and easy to follow. I honestly believe that this will take my guitar playing to the next level and then some… the more that I watched the more that it made sense. Very well done and I would have to say that I would not change a thing. Thanks for letting me preview this lesson and I look forward to future lessons.

Thank You,

Scott Wadlow
St. Louis, Missouri

Hey Jonathan,
Cool lesson, very down to earth. Being an elementary teacher you kept it simple and to the point. What I learned from the lesson was: chord numbers, relative minor chords, and tones and semi tones and their meanings and operations. I’ve been playing since before you were born, so you know I’m a dinosaur, lol. I taught myself and learned by watching other people, like those two guys in Liverpool. I never understood what I was doing, but wrote a lot of songs in the past and recently recorded a couple of CD’s. Your DVD gave me some revelation about chord structure that I sat down and started fooling around with some chords. I also started helping out my buddy at his guitar school so this will come in handy big time. The added weekly tips, I think, will be extremely helpful. I think this old dog is gonna learn and understand some new tricks!

Thanks so much,

Bob Nodzo
Auburn, New York

I – IV – V had unlocked and resolved some of the confusion I had with finding notes and chords.
You are absolutely right, I like to teach myself a few tricks but after many years of experiments you just made it simple.

I had a few days of fun and it will last forever now!!!!!!!!!!!

Sid Toa
(Cook Islands)

Thank you Jonathan,
I have really enjoyed your DVD and plan to watch it several times until I have it down. I have actually been playing around on the guitar for many years but like you said, I didn’t really know theory at all.  You have already taught me a great deal and I am very grateful.

I look forward to moving forward from here to a place where I can play the way I have really always wanted to but just didn’t know how. I have usually only played for my own “stress relief”, if you will, in the past but recently I tried playing in a jam session at a local VFW with a bunch of older guys and I was embarrassed because I just couldn’t keep up.

I know quite lot of chords actually but just have trouble doing it right, I was also a little nervous because of lack of confidence I guess. Seeing the patterns and how it fits together really opened my eyes and made so much sense.

Thank You again,

Charley Jeffreys
Kearny, Arizona

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for creating Unlocking I-IV-V having only watched it once since buying it yesterday I can easily say that it is the best and most clear theory lesson I have ever had.

I have never seen it explained so clearly which makes me feel that I can actually learn now from some of the courses I have sitting around, courses that I could never really understand or became thoroughly bored with.

Once I have learned all I can from these courses I would like to buy more of your own courses if the above lesson or any of the free online lessons are anything to go by then it will be excellent.

All the best,

Ronnie Campbell
United Kingdom

The One,Four,Five vid is great!
I never could grasp the concept of what “key” a song is in or what to do when I do know the key.
Your vid is an eye opener on that. Thanx!

Andy Fox
Crownsville, Maryland

Boy am I glad I ordered the DVDs well as download, I watched it and felt like I was in a college classroom studying Music Theory and how it pertains to the guitar. I know I’ve only listened to it once, but I will be studying it a lot. You brought it down to my level… I’ve been strumming guitar for over 30 years and yesterday was the first time I understood “what” I was strumming.

I appreciate the hard work you put into your videos and I want to let you know that they are helping somebody finally get the hang of it. I was listening to the radio and couldn’t help but want to transcribe the songs as I listened to them. The only problem was I was driving. LOL.

Anyway… for a young man and a white board you do a fine job… keep ’em coming!

Orlando, FL

Dear Jonathan,

Where were you when I wanted to learn to play the guitar forty years ago? I know, you weren’t alive. Previous instructors made the process hard, or maybe it was my attention span. Either way, I’ve come farther in two months now that I understand the patterns than I did in many years of trying, getting frustrated, and quitting. You broke down the mysterious fretboard and made learning easy. At fifty five, a great regret was never learning to play the guitar. Because of you and your program I am on the way to erasing that regret from my life. This may sound overstated, but I assure you, it is not.


Thomas Hill
Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Jonathan

Well, it took me a while but I finally made it thru both of your CDs, “Unlocking I – IV – V, and scale patterns. I have been playing for over 40 years, and am something of an accomplished fingerpicker (Chet Atkins style) and while my favorite is country, I also enjoy playing some of the classical pieces by people like Mendelssohn, or Schubert, and to be honest I wasn’t certain I could learn much from a beginners course, but I felt it was worth a try.

Actually, I was wrong.

Old dogs can be taught new tricks, IF they are willing to admit they don’t know everything.

Having spent several hours with your material I was very pleased, and found quite a few tips which I’m sure will be helpful. In my opinion the good thing about your course is that it will help the raw beginner as well as the experienced player, especially with your emphasis on scales.

Congratulations on a job well done, and keep the special tips coming. I enjoy them.

Thanks much,

Chuck Kiger
Ocala, Florida

These lessons that you have prepared, are the best that I have ever seen.
For once, I am getting it! Nice going!!

Dr. Don Thronburg
Jackson, California

Jonathan, I played guitar years ago and just recently started playing again. In the past when I played I knew what I was playing but not why I was playing it. I have been studying the I, IV, V theory a little, the circle of fifths I am trying to understand along with learning the fretboard. Your videos have helped more than you can imagine. I feel like I have my own tutor.

Robert Stiles
Oakland, California

Hi Jonathan,
I am so pleased with your 1-4-5 lesson. I have purchased lots of guitar – fretboard theory books but only had a vague idea as to how all the concepts were related.

Then I discovered your lesson!

The light actually went on and I was able to pull everything together. Now it makes sense and I would like to thank you for doing such a fantastic job.

Peg Wagner
Hayes, Virginia

Dug into the course immediately. Great. Your approach/explanation is excellent. First course that has actually given me a much better understanding of theory. The I,IV,V had never been brought to my attention prior to your course.  Keep it up.  Good work.

Joe Clarke
Simcoe, Ontario

Hi Jonathan:

I am in my late 60’s and I started with classical guitar lessons about 2 years ago.  I really love
it, but it isn’t quite as easy as I thought it would be!!

Wanting to have more fun with the guitar,  I joined a jamming group which I love.
That’s where the 1-4-5 comes in handy. I wouldn’t know what to do without it.
Now I want to know how and why, that’s where the theory comes in.

I found your DVD excellent.  You did a great job of explaining everything clearly. I am still trying to grasp it all.  It gets a little complicated at the end,  but I only watched it once so far, but I took lots of notes.  It seems easier to have notes in front of me. Anyway, it was money well spent.  Thanks!!

Having fun with my guitar and loving every minute of it!!
Nancy Burns
Reading, Pennsylvania

Hello Jonathan,

I went thru your I-IV-V DVDs. You know, I picked up the guitar a few years back, after a 40 year hiatus, and started taking lessons from some local guys. They’ve been trying to teach me the same things, but haven’t been nearly as effective as your presentations. I sort of knew the concepts but was still kind of fuzzy because my local teachers were not presenting the material in a way that made sense to me.

Your presentation, though sort of “low-tech” with the markers and white board instead of Powerpoint, I believe was much more effective, probably because you took a lot of time to present the material, which allowed it to sink in better. Hooray for low tech!! I am a big fan of the KISS theory!

Anyway, I look forward to getting your weekly updates. You are clearing up a lot of questions I’ve always had about the guitar.


Bill Chwala
Edgerton, Wisconsin

Hi again Jonathan,

I want you to know how much I appreciate all of you help and assistance in learning how to apply Music Theory and especially Guitar Theory to my understanding of Guitar. I was a Instructor of Religion at Saint Leo University for almost 10 years and have taught in the classroom setting of community colleges for many years. I have several earned degrees and am at home in the college classroom setting. I know talent and dedication when I see it and you have both!

For me it is very important to know that you personally have developed these courses out of your own struggle and challenge to master the Guitar. It is also important to know that you are personally available and dedicated to helping people master these concepts on the Guitar. I have been playing every day since my wife bought me a nice Martin Guitar last September to help me recover from a heart attack and open heart surgery. I am dedicated to it. I spend at least 90 minutes a day on my Guitar and more on the weekends. I have purchased over 20 different books and videos.

I have studied on line through the most popular guitar web site. While I have learned a little bit from all of these sources – nothing has made the guitar come alive like your videos!  Your videos put all of the pieces together and result in your being able to actually visualize, conceptualize, and tactically play the guitar! Your videos are the missing link where all of the various lessons come together and find a greater meaning like the missing link to a puzzle. I hope that you will develop a web site and provide instruction for all levels of Guitar instruction. Thank you for taking a personal interest in my learning how to play the guitar with understanding.

Chaplain George Francis
Chaplain to the Palliative Care Team
Saint Joseph’s Hospital
Tampa, Florida

Hi Jonathan!
I am a pretty new guitar player, so your video was at a good level.  The theory behind how something works has always been interesting to me.  I have watched Unlocking I-IV-V two times now, and it is making a lot of sense and answers many questions I have had.  I like your seemingly unrehearsed way of teaching – it gives time to let what you say sink in!  Thank you for your efforts; I am very glad that I ordered the video.  I benefit from your weekly lessons too.


You filled a gap in my music theory that was missing for a long time.  I had known about the 1-3-5 rule to make up a specific chord (A cord uses notes 1-3-5 to make up a chord), and I knew about the 1-4-5 rule to select the basic 3 chords in a key.  But I no idea they made up a specific pattern on the guitar neck.  I wondered how other guys learned those scales so fast. Also, Where I was screwed up was I thought you had to select the notes that made up each chord {i.e. 1-3-5} on the neck, instead of the notes that represent the chords that make up the key.  The only thing I used the tone/semitone rule for to identify sharps or flats in a key.  I knew just enough to be dangerous.

It’s not going to make me a better guitar player overnite, but it eliminated the reason I gave up trying to play solos.

Thanks for the tip on the minor scales, thats way too simple.  The barre chord info also helped with my minors.

TwoDogs Durham

By the way I have watched and studied the unlocking one four five and I have to thank you for the lesson. I knew when I saw you advertise it that this is a lesson I desperately needed to purchase because I can play but I had no idea why I can play this chord with that chord or why I can’t play this note and that note etc etc… and Unlocking One Four Five has answered all that and then some.

I really enjoy playing a whole lot more because now I am not thinking so much when I’m playing, I’m just playing and enjoying it.

Thanks again.
Barry Lusita
Ridgefield, Connecticut

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for the lesson on I IV V.

I have been playing guitar for 20 years and this is something that I knew I didn’t know and it has been hindering my songwriting ALOT. I have tried to learn it from guitar books, theory books and jamming with other more experienced guitarists. I thought I was just “theory-challenged” in this area.

Even through I knew 70% of what you said in your video – the 30% that I learnt has already made a huge difference. Especially the strings being tuned in 4ths, the I,IV,V patterns in the scales on the fret board, the minors 3 semi tones down from the 1, IV, V progressions… this stuff was all gold to me. I immediately tried this out on the guitar and came with a new song in about 5 minutes flat – it is just what I have been looking for. The only thing I couldn’t get my head around was the 6th that you mentioned that is put in occasionally.

Your down to earth style is refreshing and engaging. You are doing a very good thing here and I wish you all the best inspiring and educating many web guitarists. I have signed up for your guitar tips weekly and am already about to watch your session on how to transpose with a capo – something I have never been able to figure out even with much trying……I look forward to it.

Thanks again,
Malcolm Hart
New Zealand

Hi Jonathan, I have had my first run through the course and true to your assertions, after going through the graphs and doing a few exercises with them, I GET IT. For the first time after playing for 30 years I can reallly understand the logic of chord makeup.  It have in the past made up the odd chord (usually by accident)  because it seemed to sound good….now, using the chart, HEY PRESTO I can use those “bodgy” chords with confidence.

As for diminished and augmented… I just didn’t have a clue.

I am going to spend more time on it and I am sure there will be several more revelations hiding there as well.

So, thank you.  Well done!!!

Kindest regards

Shaun Costello
New Zealand

Hi Jonathan,??
I’m not quite finished, but I’ve got to say I’m very impressed. I learned (or at least understood) way more theory than I ever got in 3 years of classical guitar back in the 1970s. You’ve really figured out how to put some really key information into a methodology that is easy to understand and retain. I kept scribbling down “ah ha” moment through-out the video.  And I’ve been able to apply it easily to my playing (which is good as I haven’t played in 20 years so I’m pretty rusty.)

Francis Taman
Calgary, Alberta

Hey Jonathon,

I have gone over the first lesson again, so I haven’t got far yet, but even that was just so much fun and opens up a whole new vista to me. I have wanted for years to understand all the basic stuff about how music fits together but have not come across anyone who has ventured into this stuff. None of the places I’ve come across have anything like this and those in the know always say “don’t worry about it – you dont really need to know”.  This may be true but I like to understand the principle of a thing! Now at last I have some insight into what’s going on even from the little I now know. Having the DVD means theres no embarrassment about repeating things I didn’t get the first time.

I don’t understand why we don’t all get taught this stuff in school-it goes to understanding the world around us! I will certainly pass this on to my kids and think its great stuff. Hopefully down the track I will use this understanding to improve my playing and I can see it will certainly help me be more creative altogether.

Thank you very much for putting this out there at a very affordable price. Top value for dollar!

Maureen Prince
Queensland, Australia

The Bottom Line

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