Does Learning Guitar Ever Feel Like
“Monkey See, Monkey Do?”

Monkeys can learn cool tricks, but they don’t have a clue why.

Have you ever felt like you’re learning things on the guitar, without a clue why those things work, or why your fingers need to be placed in a certain spot?

Would you like to learn how to play guitar without thinking so hard about everything? Playing guitar would become so much more relaxing than it already is…

Most guitar teachers out there just teach song after song, but rarely teach WHY the song works… keeping you stuck learning slowly, and dependent on the help of others.

  • It is possible to learn WHY things work on the guitar… and its not hard!
  • With a little bit of basic knowledge, you can be figuring out how to play popular songs on your own, in minutes!
  • The same system used by pro guitarists (called 1-4-5) lets you easily figure out all the chords in any key.

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